Poopsie Pets - Poop... Stuff..

Okay.. so I am ALL in for raunchy poop jokes and gross out humor.. so when I saw these toys and the commercials, you would think I would find it amusing.. but I don't.. I don't get it.. lol..

There are these new moxie girl toys that poop - yes.. POOP.. glitter beads or rainbows..

For real. I would like to talk to the guy sitting up in the creation room of new ideas when this came around. lol..

The novelty wears off I would imagine pretty quickly... and kids love poop and all that poops and farts (yes, whoopee cushions are in their easter baskets).. but I have to draw the line..

    8Theresa Gould
    I think I have been seeing tidbits here and there but I really haven't been paying that close attention. We get enough potty talk around here that we don't need toys to add to it!
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