when is "doing it" ok after baby arrives?

In another post i was asking about pads this other question came to my mind... when is it usually safe to have sex aftr baby is born? some ppl say they didnt bleed the full 6 wks so i was wondering.. is it ok then or do u still have to wait 6 wks to heal n stuff? say i dont tear.. then healing should b quicker right? ik ur not supposed to do much of anythin n cant bring baby out for 6 wks so is sexual relations the same way? ... It already sucks enough that intimacy slacks off during pregnancy especially the last tri (n this last month isnt too fun either)...

    Another concern besides waiting until you're healed up is getting on birth control before you decide to have intercourse again. It can be extremely dangerous to get pregnant right away. I had a c-section and my OB said that as soon as I felt up to it I could get back into the swing of things, but to take things slow. Every body is different so I would suggest talking to your physician and letting him or her know that you're ready.
      It is generally best to wait until you have your postpartum check up with your doctor at 6 weeks postpartum. They will be checking your perinium, vagina, cervix and uterus to make sure they are healing properly and they will clear you for sex.

      Personally I always waited for the all clear from my doctor but I never had any desire to have sex before I saw the doctor anyway. I know some women want to have sex before then and do so with no problems but some women do have problems. It is a personal choice.

      Whenever you first decide to have sex just make sure you are using proper birth control because it is very easy to get pregnant, even before you have your first postpartum period.
        Normally they say 6 weeks no matter what. The doctor will clear you at some point and normally put you on birth control. I had a c-section and even after 6 weeks it hurt so bad the first few times! I totally wasn't expecting it.
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