Pediatrician Interview

Today Alex and I are going to meet the pediatrician that we hope will be Ingrid's doctor when she's born. This is the only pediatrician near us that I've liked enough, based on internet research, to even set up an appointment with. There's really not much I don't know about her, but I wanted to go and check out the office and see if it was a comfortable fit for us and also make sure that the doctor and I agree on everything that I want for my daughter. Fingers crossed that this goes well.
Did all you other moms do an interview with your pediatrician? If so, what were your main questions for them?

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      I didn't do an interview... In fact I kind of snuck into our pediatricians patient list. He was highly recommended by everyone we met but his case load was full. At the hospital I just put him down as our pediatrician and acted like he'd been our doctor all along. At our first appointment you could tell he was confused because he thought he should know us already but he couldn't remember, LOL.

      He's a great pediatrician though so I'm glad I snuck in :)
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