Baby can't breathe normally during breastfeeding

I'm not too sure about this one. Is your breast covering his nose? That would be my first guess. If not, is he a new newborn? Babies are still learning out to use all of their parts. Charlie had a bit of a time in the beginning, learning how to breathe outside the womb, learning how to use a nipple and breathe at the same time.. it can be a challenge to a baby. See your physician with questions.

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    Check to make sure they are latched on properly and your clothes aren't covering their nose. Also make sure their nose is clean and not stuffy. Always talk to a doctor or lactation consultant too.
      I know large-chested women can have problems with the breast covering the baby's nose but a lactation consultant can usually help them find a position that works. I would also try clearing their nose with a bulb syringe before nursing too. Avery always coughed and sputtered if her nose was stuffy.

      Otherwise I agree that it takes a while for babies to learn how to coordinate breathing and sucking, LOL.
        I think as long as their airway is clear there isn't too big of a concern. They will stop nursing if they truly can't breathe. Irregular breathing is pretty common in little ones.
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          I agree. Some of mine would burrow in my breast but soon learned if they did that they couldn't breath while eating!
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