Sleep Trouble with my 8 month old :(

I have issue need help my son is gonna be 8mon old 2morrow he still struggles with bed time and nap time. He was use to sleeping in bouncer got 2 big now he refuses to sleep in pack n play or crib I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he will sleep next me on side of couch on inner side but then this mama dont sleep

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      We had a terrible time with naps and eventually had to set up a Cry It Out system. I know that's controversial but it really worked for us. We have a nap-time routine where I darken the room and hum to her. Then I lay her down. If she cries I leave her alone for 5 minutes and then go back in to hum again. Lay her down and wait for 7 minutes. If she's still crying I go in and hum again. Lay her down again and wait for 10 minutes. If she's still crying at that point I take her out and we play quietly for at least a half hour before trying again.

      It really worked for us and after the first day of doing it that way she was falling asleep before the first 5 minutes was up. We still have bad days every once and a while - especially if she is sick or teething, but for the most part she's doing great.
        Have you tried a white noise machine? I have the Baby Shusher - there's an app for iPhone or Android and an actual device as well. Maybe if you helped him fall asleep with the noise machine on, you'd be able to lay him down and just leave the noise running so he doesn't notice as much of a change.
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          Is he teething or is he going through a growth spurt upsetting his sleep routine? Maybe he needs extra comfort because his teeth hurt or he needs more food to settle his tummy so he can go to sleep full?
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