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My daughter is showing almost all the signs; she's bringing me the diapers and wipes after she poops and when her diaper is full of pee and she's letting me know. She was almost potty trained around Christmas, but she and he brother went to go visit their father and I dropped them off at his mother's house. I told her to only use pull ups when they're in the car (it was about a days ride and she didn't want to stop constantly, which I understand) but as soon as she bought them (before I even left) she put her in them and used them as diapers the whole two weeks. The pull ups confused her and when she came back home, she was completely back in diapers. I tried for two weeks with just underwear, but she kept going in them. I thought maybe I'll try again when she starts being dry though the night, although she still isn't, she's still acting like she's ready.

Another problem is we just moved and I have a little one on the way, due June. Potty training them in our last rental destroyed the carpets and I'm afraid it's going to happen in this one, and all the carpets are new; I even put tarp down in the old place.

So anyway, can I get some pointers? I know accidents will happen and I was very patient with them before and I'm worried I'll get frustrated at her and mess it up again (I get frustrated really easily now a days). Should I just wait until a few months after her brother's born?

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    I have had a lot of set backs just like you, do to lots of changes. My daughter has to feel very calm to potty train. So if we move or new people are around a lot she wont do it period. But I did find a method that works well with her, for 3 days do not do anything else but stay home a potty train and for those 3 days every 20mins its time to go potty. Give a sticker and a MM every time and for the times she does goes, give her a special sticker and two MM's, but only for those 3 days. I tried many ways to potty train and this was the only thing that worked for my child. I wish you all the luck!!!
      You have a LOT going on in her little life right now. I would just wait and let things settle down and get into a routine and then give it another shot with just underwear. We had great success with the 3 day method (3daypottytraining.com I think is the site), but you really have to have 3 full days and nights that you are able to devote to your child.
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        I think the move and a baby coming probably isn't the best timing, though I understand your desire to try to have her potty trained before your son is born, I was like that too. Maybe just follow her lead and if it happens great, if not, give it more time.
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