What do you do about the other parent....?

My ex, who is my daughters sperm donor, has had nothing to do with us, PERIOD. I have opened the door for him many time in the last 3 years, but nothing, and someone told me they saw him for awhile and during that time when he was getting letters to go to court about child-support, they told me that he laughed and he threw the paper in the trash.
Today I got a letter from the state saying we are to go for genetic testing to find out if he is Marina's sperm donor in May.
I tried when she was first born to get all this done, but him being in the Army, well they protected him and gave me such a run around, so I felt I would try with him and then just said we are better off and more peaceful and let the state handle everything with him. Which that is its own story lol any other moms going though stuff like this or know the best ways to go about it....ugh I just feel so lost when it comes to all of this!!!

    What an unfortunate situation for you. I'm sorry you have to deal with this!! I think you're on the right path though, let the state deal with him for the most part, but maybe make sure you have a good lawyer either on retainer or ready to go so that you have their services available when you need them.
      Yes we are going, I dont have a choice not too even if I didn't want to do it .
      Trust me I wish I could afford a lawyer so everything would have been done and said 3 years ago, hell the Army told me to get one and the state too. That told me right there that nothing was every going to happen. This whole thing has so much drama involved so it really comes down to, what do I tell my child when she's older. I think that's what gets me fired up every time something with hm comes up in these manners.
        Oh i feel ya girl! ive got even more drama then that. my "baby daddy" as they call them, left me for another prego woman when i was 11 weeks pregnant. we are now going to trial on may 8th for custody about my daughter. h'es a drug addict and unstable. I've no idea what is going to happen, but i have an amazing lawyer! keep your chin up. let the state and OCS take care of his ass. If he is in the army, at least you know he gets paychecks that OCS can take right from. good luck to you and your baby! make a good life for yourself and make him regret the day he turned into a nasty jerk!
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