what are everyones thoughts on not telling your kid about santa? we are not sure if we want to tell him that santa brought him gifts and then have to explain that santa isnt real

    Mine believe in Santa. But we tell them that we have to give Santa money for all the gifts. That way when they go to school and find out Tommy got a $600 gift when they only got a $40 gift it's not a difficult situation. We think it's important for them to believe in the magic but we also want it to be somewhat realistic. I always say lies breed more lies... so our approach is to keep it as fact based as possible with a little bit of magic in there too.
      8Theresa Gould
      We haven't done Santa and our older children don't feel like they missed out and have said they liked how we have celebrated holidays. I'm hoping the younger crew feels the same way in several years.
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