How to keep your sex relationship on track after having a child

Communication and making time for each other for intimacy are important aspects of a healthy sex life, as well as staying connected emotionally and mentally.

Sometimes it means even if you don't feel like having sex or are too tired just make time because it is an important part of your relationship. I say that loosely because there will be times sex won't happen because your are too tired or don't feel like it, but try to make it happen on a regular basis. There have been some nights when we planned for it but once we got into bed one or both of us have fallen asleep! That's the life of a parent!

Also if you don't want to become pregnant again right away choosing a form of birth control will make your sex life that much more "free-er", if you will, because you won't be worrying about possibly getting pregnant.

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    For a long time, we had "sex dates." It was once a week that no matter what we would make time for each other. Having it be the same night each week meant two things. 1. that we both anticipated it the rest of the week and looked forward to it. 2. that we had the expectation and were able to plan the rest of our day accordingly :)
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