So I got 1 tooth out of the 2 I was supposed to get taken out.
Let me tell ya how that went.
First, it was an okay experience. partly because they played one of my all time fave bands on Pandora Radio Sublime. I listened to it waiting for the nurse to come in with my X-Rays, listened to it when I was waiting on the dentist, listened to it while waiting for the numbing medicine to kick in.
They were super nice! Now, some dentists just do what they have to do, not taking into consideration the emotions the patient might be having. I have really bad anxiety attacks and panic attacks. I was having an anxiety attack right there in the chair right before they yanked the tooth out. My whole body was shaking uncontrollably and my breathing was very fast The heart monitor kept beeping like crazy going up the more the anxiety attack progressed. At one point the nurse said that they were going to put a towel under my head to use as a shield for my eyes so in other words they were going to cover up my eyes with a towel, now from past experiences I hate not being able to see. It's a good way to attack someone, to sexually abuse someone. The nurse and dentist saw I was freaked out by this and decided to quickly change it up. They gave me goggles so I could see but would still have the cover on my eyes. I came out really shaky, my mother in law and hubby had to help me to the car and for the rest of the night I rested. I was so exhausted and sore. But today I feel so much better! It's such a relief!!

*high fives back* lol I love Sublime!
It's alright, once I got back my daughter, Sophia who is 2 years old saw that my right cheek was puffy and instead of hitting it to try and deflate it she rubbed it, then rubbed my other cheek and looked at me for a second I said "Mommy has a booboo." She then kissed my right cheek. lol That was when my anxiety levels went down and I calmed down. She is so amazing.
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