ugh i hate this

all the time at the dinner table there's is a discusion about something and it turnes into a argument , I can't keep my mouth shut , I have to express my opinion & tonight it got so intense my neck turned red from my nerves, I been told to leave the table . Now laying here trying to relax to calm down

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    You just have to ride it throughout and know that it's your hormones and it will pass.. Take deep breaths and think of things that make you happy.. I know it's hard when you're in that mood where someone smiling makes you want to slap them..

    Can you write it out? I call it a bitch session.. when I get a pen and paper and write everything that I want to say but would never say..

    Example: I hate your fat face and the way you eat ice cream and how dare you talk down to me while I'm carrying your baby you icky gross man thing..

    NOT that I would eve say those things or actually REALLY feel that way.. but there were moments when I felt nasty and needed an outlet... and then I would start to laugh cause it's so ridiculous..

    Try it..
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