Feel so bad for my friend and his kids

Well my friend had two kids. Their birth mother took the boys from him and he was not allowed any type of custody. Birth mom would give him kids when she didnt want him.

Now my friend has a criminal record and on parol. But he has custoudy of his boys. And i know he will be a great dad, he helped his mom rais his younger siblings.

But here is the problem. The birth mom negelcted the boys who are 3 and going on 2 in may. She gets food stamps but only fed the kids mcdonalds. Barely bathed them. These boys are so messed up, they had no discapline. So now my friend has to fix it all and get the boys back on track.

So i offered him daycare and would charge him less. But he doesnt want me to take the boys because they get so aggrisve. I want to help him get the boys on track and i am
Afraid if he just puts his boys in an in home childcare qaulified by state the kids are going to get kicked out alot. So if he can let me watch them for a few months with maybe 20 dollars a week, i can help the boys out with aggrisson and anger. Get them to eat different foods before he puts them in any daycare.
What should i do.

    That's a lot to take on and with your own kids as well? It's awesome that you want to help, but it's not that easy to get kids back on track like that, especially with you not being the parent. And your own kids are at risk of getting hurt or neglected or taking on some behavior.. Isn't your son acting out right now I think you said with your new baby? I think I remember one of your posts.. I could be wrong..

    You can help him without taking on that amount of responsibility.. Maybe just help one or two days a week. Public school can be good for them too.. maybe they won't get kicked out and will step up to what's expected..

    It doesn't have to be all or nothing.. You can be there and help him without giving everything to raising his boys..
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