Alot of people say yall are just kids. Yall dont know what love is. Blah blah. Explore this and that more fish in the sea. I HAVE FOUND MY ONE AND ONLY and truthfully nobody knows what love is until they have that someone that brings out the best in them when everyone saw the worst, or has someone that loves them for them even the flaws, or makes them see the world in a different outlook then anyone else has. Ive been with kevin my bestfriend since 2007 . Meet him in 2005 we have been through it all . A two way ticket from hell and back (excuse my language) but I do honestly love him with my all and wouldnt trade his love or him for any other person. Im tired of people trying to break it up , come between it or whatever they plan. My relationship isnt made of glass .. not easily broken. I think we are meant to be and he does too its not a perfect relationship but its a loving , loyal , faithful and respectful one and that is all that matters. Am i Right or wrong?

    As long as you both have the same deep feelings, nothing will break it. Don't let others opinions upset you!
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