Greeting newborn. :)

When Lucas came out, David was a bit worried because Lucas was blue because the cord was around his neck. But, he was unwrapped and all was good; he was crying of course lol. David cried too! It was so cute and he just looked at Lucas and dais 'hi, baby.' So sweet. Me, on the other hand, was a total opposite. They laid him on me to clean and the nurse asked if I wanted to see him and I said no! I didn't want to hold him, touch him or look at him. I was tired of pushing for 2 hours getting his fat head through my legs!!! 14 and 3/4 cm head!! We only open about 10!!!!!!! Aahhhh no! I did not want to look at the thing that did that to me! Haha I didn't hold or look at Lucas until he was clean and wrapped and I was all stitched up and clean and back to normal. Not the normal reaction to your new baby I think, but hey, all is good now lol. I just didn't want anything to do with him for a good 20 minutes after he was born lol. :)

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    When they did I was just like 'oh, I have a baby now...' I wasn't very excited or overwhelmed or anything, it was like any day for me really. I did a post "I think it finally hit me" You can read that from my page, that's when it kinda dawned on me that I was a mom. 7 months
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