Weirdest Thing EVER!

My son was 3 months old and unusually fussy.. I was nursing and playing with his toes and I noticed that one of them looked odd, like it had a cut on it across... and I thought OH that's why, but when I looked closer, I noticed that the tip of that toe was blue and the I inspected and he had a very thin, blonde hair that had somehow wrapped around his toe i a knot, so tightly that it was cutting off his circulation.. I yelled for my husband at the time and he got the little nail scissors and we cut it out.. but it was SO thin... and the toe was so indented where it had been, it was had to tell if we got it all off.. but we did and you could tell my son had immediate relief.. as we were messing with his toe. .he was nursing and you could tell he was like, "YES.. finally.. get it!"..

One of those weird baby things.. I have NO idea where it happened or how.. maybe a little hairball at the bottom of one of his socks? Or when he would wiggle and clench his toes while nursing.. no idea.. it was my hair.. as I was the only blonde in the home..

So I became obsessed with checking socks and his toes and find myself still checking my kids feet.. at 7 and 9.. lol

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