How Bad Is Your Car?

I have a fairly new car and after my last one took a beating through 3 kids... after ten years when I moved out of it, I found a french fry under a seat.. that had to be years old.. But with babies, it's hard to keep it clean,.. no matter what..

It's easier now that they're older and I see my friends car floors and seats that still have little ones and I know that my car used to look like that, but it's so gross.. and mostly unavoidable.. The mom car..

How bad is yours? Or are you someone that keeps it clean no matter what?

    Ours was used (new in 2004) when we got it, so it already had some stains that we haven't been able to get out. It's not too bad...has a few dings in it. Trevor got hit by some old drunk lady and I got backed into by some dumb-ass in a jeep. Nina's not been here long, so it's mostly pretty clean and I intend to keep it that way, lol. If we get a new car at some point, I'll keep it as clean as I can. No eating in the car unless we're on a long trip, and if we are, use napkins. My Granny used to keep a little bag in that middle compartment between the two front seats for trash, I may do that. It helped keep her car clean for years.
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