My younger brother is trying to ruin my life.

I'll try to keep this short, and I'm not sure if this is really the right place for this but here is goes anyway.
My younger brother and I have never really gotten along. We fought like crazy people as children and have kept our distance from each other in adulthood. The issue is, he lives with my mother and about 2 years ago my husband, son and I moved in too. My mom owns a guest ranch and was needing more help since my step-dad passed away. During the time we were living there, we never spoke. We pretty much ignored each other, every now and then he would mess with one of my vehicles or do something to intentionally make my husband angry.
One day my husband and brother got not a argument and my mother told us we had to find another place to live and my husband is only allowed to come around when my brother isn't home. Which has made life kinda stressful but tolerable. Now my POS brother is trying to get me banned as well. I normally would just say fine and move far enough away from him I don't have to deal with it anymore, but (besides giving him exactly what he wants) I started a horseback riding business out of the ranch and it kinda impossible to do it without a ranch and horses. I don't know how to talk to my mom about this. She pretty much chooses to ignore his behavior and give in to his demands. She has told me before she's afraid to kick him out because he will burn the house down. I told her get a restraining order. He really controls moms life and now is controlling mine. As a mom myself I know it must be painful for her to be in the middle of us. And listen to him complain about me all the time but how can I make her see that it is unhealthy for him to be there controlling her and her property like he owns it? Sorry this was so long, I'm stressing pretty hard.

    That sounds awful. How old is he? You? Just curious if he's old enough and mature enough to be able to sit with you and make a pact or deal.

    No one should live like that.

    Maybe you can just be there for your lessons? And he can be gone then?

    Moms won't kick their kids out. It's sad but moms will take so much.

    It's between you and your brother.
    Go to him and try to work it out. Reach him on the same level.

    Good luck!!
      I'm almost 30 and he's 28. I tried talking to him when we first moved in. He just ended up screaming at me and walking off. I can't even say hello to him or let my son talk to him. He's really not capable of having a adult conversation with me and working things out. I wish it was that easy. I hate to say it but I think his main issue is he feels as if I'm a threat to him getting the ranch when mom passes away. He already tells people he owns it and mom lives with him. So not the case. But what I think he fails to understand is that we have a older stepbrother who is inheriting everything and I'm okay with that, he's a good guy and will do the right thing.
        Sorry to hear this is happening to you and your family. Does your brother treat other family members or friends this way also? The part that caught my attention was when you wrote if your mom kicks him out, he might burn the place. It sounds serious and almost to the point of where your lives could be in danger. Does he have any mental health issues that need to be addressed? How long has he treated your mom this way? Not sure if you would be able to get a counselor involved? Or someone else outside of the situation to help get things sorted out? It seems like he does not listen to you or your mom, so maybe having someone outside of your family to talk to might help? Not sure if I am reading too much into this, though if you outside help is needed, then you should try that approach.
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