Getting a breast baby to take a bottle

Exclusively breastfed babies may have a strong aversion to the bottle. It just doesn't feel the same in their mouth and the milk flow is very different. It's not a huge deal if you can be with your baby 24/7, but most of us have to be away at some point in our lives. That's when we need to be able to give a bottle of pumped milk or formula.

Avery would take a bottle, but definitely didn't like it as much as the nipple. We switched to a bottle that had a wider nipple and that helped. If your baby is really against it try buying one especially made to replicate the breast experience. They can be pricy, but you'll probably only need one or two. Once they get used to that bottle you could probably transition to the cheaper bottles.

Here are some examples of bottles for breastfed babies.

The Calma from Medela works with any Medela bottles, so you don't have to buy all new stuff if you already have those:…

The Mimijumi:…

The Tomee Tipee Closer to nature, which is sold pretty much everywhere and is relatively affordable:…

Good luck!

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