memorial weekend...

i had a freaking novel written down about this until kado closed the internet....
sooo summary.
beach. not happy. too small. too many people. tent camping.

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        last weekend we went to the beach right? well we all barely fit on that beach with our "day at the beach" supplies. now we are tent camping on that beach for the weekend with 30 people (scuba diving people) all together!! idk how everyone thinks they will fit. i see some people being washed away at sea. we have a family of 6 and need a giant tent! we claimed the only small parking lot. these people are insane to think we will all fit!!!
        and i have no clue how i am going to get kado to sleep while we are there!!
        not to mention i only know one other person who is going to be there... idk why but it scares me a little.
        i am not looking forward to this trip. especially kado throwing up again because we will be taking the truck and it takes alot to get him out of it. (idk if our truck will fit with all the other cars either. hmmmm

        my dad originally wanted to stay in a little "cabin" for a night ($300!) now when i say cabin... i mean a 1 bed, 1 toilet, 1 sink. death trap!!! you walk in and there are spider webs everywhere!!! the walls are rotting and there is probably mold everywhere. if you stood in the bathroom the "cabin" shook!! the ceiling was caving in and it looked and felt like it would fall off the cliff into the sea!!
        i was hell no we arent staying in there! not even kado sleeping in between the grandparents. hell no! i be walking home!! kado and i arent stepping one foot in that thing! but all my pleads went unheard and ignored. but eventually they decided to just camp on the beach with the rest of the people.
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