Infant Potty Training - Update 2

So at 10 months I was going to try and up my game with the infant potty training. Avery was doing really well at using the potty whenever I put her on it but I wanted to try and do it more often so we could try and keep her dry for an extended period of time. I was doing really well. I put her on the potty every half hour or so and she would stay dry all morning! Then I'd put her back in her diaper for her morning nap. After that nap I was the one who got lazy... It's a lot of work to put her on the potty so often. Especially if we had errands or I had to work.

I was going to start making more of an effort but then she got sick. And we went out of town for the weekend. Now she has an eye infection. ugh.

Yesterday we were doing really well and she stayed dry from the time she woke up until her first nap again. I took her out of her diaper again that afternoon and we had 2 accidents :( It's like I've trained her to only use the potty in the morning! LOL.

Welp, That's all I have to share. I'll update again soon.

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