Babies Move Less Later in Pregnancy

It's common for babies to move a little less as they get bigger. There just isn't as much room in your tummy for them to stretch out.

Ideally you should feel a baby kick, swish, or flutter at least 10 times in 2 hours. If you feel like the baby has been moving less or you don't get 10 movements in 2 hours try drinking some orange juice and laying on your left side. The coldness and sugar in the orange juice can stimulate movement and laying on your left increases blood flow to the baby. Count for an hour again and if you don't get to 4-5 kicks then call your doctor. A lot of times it seems like they're not kicking enough but really your just getting used to the motion so you don't notice it. Sitting down and counting can be a huge relief.

At around 36 weeks Avery's movements significantly dropped. My doc was worried because of my history and brought me in. They hooked me up for a monitor for a half hour to make sure everything was okay. They said that if her heart rate dropped when she did move that something could be wrong and they may need to induce me. Luckily her heart rate either stayed the same or increased with each movement. She was just running out of room and couldn't kick as often!

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