Should I give ff baby fruit or vegetable juice.

It depends on the reason. Are you trying to introduce new flavors now that your baby is 6 months or older? I would say BOTH! I think a wide variety of flavor options is very important and can be a lot of fun, too. Just space out the new stuff in case your little one has an allergic reaction. I've heard of some moms giving babies apple or pear juice diluted with water to help with constipation too. Always talk to your pediatrician before making changes to your babies diet. After you get the all clear, have fun with it!

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    I didn't do juice.. My Doctor said it was so full of sugar and very little nutritional value, to just give water.. and I did.. today my kids at 7 and 9 never ask for juice and drink water all the time.. I still have it in my head that it's too much sugar so we have it rarely.. But none of us crave it..

    If you do give juice, make sure no added sugars and maybe mx with water.. same with vegetable juice.. watch the sugar label :) babies should get plenty of nutrition from their foods that they shouldn't need juice..
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