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The plan used to be that I would go to college after a year "off" of School while I worked my job as the Breakfast Shift Server at Steak N Shake...that I would take digital arts classes and computer programs, and try to get a real job working on computers or game design...then Nina came along. Now I'm not sure. We get benefits, with the Navy...I could have 4 free years of college, or take 2 classes a semester as long as Trevor's enlisted. I might take advantage of the two classes, but I don't know. We're thinkin of saving the 4 free years for Nina, if she wants to go to college, and if not, for our next child.

The plan we've worked out so far is that Trevor will stay in the Navy as long as he feels comfortable with, whether that's only this 6 year contract, or trying for the entire 20-ish years for an early Retirement. I will stay a stay at home mommy until Nina starts school, and then if I want to, I'll get a part time job where I can drop Nina off in the morning to school, work while she's at school, and then be off on time to pick her up from school.

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Yeah...I think it's awesome when someone manages it! But I know a lot of people, too, who get along without any financial problems and they never went to college. I know a lot of people who HAVE college degrees and are in massive debt because of it who can't find a job, too. Two of those friends ended up going Military because they were drowning in debt and couldn't get a job, they always were told they needed more training which meant more schooling which meant more debt. It was a constant flood for them. Now they've finally got it almost all paid off, after years of service.
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    Sounds like you are thinking things through and making plans. It's always good to plan and make goals.
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