Why you may have pelvic pressure at 26 weeks pregnancy

The simple answer, you have a growing baby in your abdomen! Your baby is now growing at a faster rate and you are probably noticing the growth. As the baby grows they will put increasing pressure on your bladder, bowels and in your pelvis. The placenta is also growing and you are making more amniotic fluid.

To relieve the pelvic pressure try sitting on an exercise ball. You can also get down on all fours and do some pelvic tilts. Squatting can also relieve the pressure you are feeling in your pelvis.

Now might be a good time to schedule a prenatal massage!

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    My chiropractor was really helpful during mid pregnancy with hip pain management. You could try that too!
      8Theresa Gould
      I do remember a lot of pelvic pressure, couldn't tell you which weeks but I know I experienced it.
        I had pressure everywhere... it is not fun! These are great relief tips!
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