Why do you need to be tested for group b streptococcus in late pregnancy

Group B Strep is a common bacteria found in about 25% of healthy adult women. The bacteria lives in the vagina or rectum. The bacteria can colonize in the women and can potentially be passed to the baby during labor and delivery. If Group B Strep passes onto the infant it can possibly causes a serious infection in the infant.

The CDC recommends all pregnant women get tested for Group B Strep between 35 and 37 weeks of the pregnancy. If the test is negative then nothing else needs to be done. If the test is positive then your doctor will recommend you be put on IV antibiotics during your labor and delivery to prevent the bacteria from passing to your baby.

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    I knew I needed it, and I had the test, but I'm not sure I really understood why--thanks for this answer!
      8Theresa Gould
      I only had the test done with my hospital births. I opted out for my home births. I didn't see the point when I hadn't had it with the five before why would I get it now?
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