refusing to take a bottle

If your breast fed baby is refusing to take a bottle there are a few things you can try, have someone else give them the bottle while you're out of the house. Babies can smell their moms from a distance of at least 20 feet, and she/he may know you're around even if you're in another room.
Try holding the baby in a totally different position than they would when breastfeeding. Try putting her in a car seat so they are semi-upright, and then feed your baby the bottle while facing them.
Timing can make a difference. Generally, babies are least likely to accept a bottle in the evening, as they seem more dependent on the comfort of breast-feeding at that time.
Sometimes a baby will accept the bottle if the bottle-giver places Mom's unwashed t-shirt across his or her chest and holds the bottle against this with the baby in a breast-feeding position.
Try feeding the baby from a cup or spoon.

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