Is grounding your child effective...

I believe that grounding is only effective if done the correct way. I remember growing up BEGGING my Mom to just spank me and get it over with already...the way she grounded was the worst! And it is what I will do with my son. When we were grounded when we were younger (and teenagers) we were my Mom's shadow. If Mom cleaned the kitchen, we cleaned the kitchen. If Mom went outside, we went outside. If Mom went in her room, we sat by her door until she came out. If Mom went to the bathroom, we sat by the door until she was done. We were literally her shadow! Let me tell you there is nothing worse...oh how I hated it and made sure I tried my hardest to NEVER be grounded! No wonder my Mom managed to raise three very different kids who never got into trouble :-)

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    That is a new twist on grounding! I like it! :)
    I do too...NOW! lol not so much at the time. From experience I can tell you it is highly effective!
      I am going to use this when T gets older.
      Yeah my mom did the "traditional" grounding a few times then my brother ruined it by telling her how much he enjoyed being grounded. Then she came up with this alternative. It only ever lasted a day or two but let me tell you it was plenty! And we were home schooled so we got no break from it! Before she homeschooled us though she would save up our grounding times for the was horrible!
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