3 weeks pregnancy symptoms

At three weeks, you may not yet know you are pregnant! You may or may not have missed a period by this point, dependent on your cycle. You may have nipple tenderness, cravings, mood swings, vaginal discharge, or you may not feel differently at all!

I personally felt like I had a cold. I ran a low fever (99.something) and was tired. After nothing came of it, I took a pregnancy test, and it was positive.

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    8Theresa Gould
    In my later pregnancies I was already feeling nauseous and with most of my pregnancies I was falling asleep at 5:30-6pm or around there.
      I swear I knew from almost the day I got pregnant that I was. I just didn't want to admit it lol I just felt not right and I craved jalapeno peppers on everything! And I hate those things, like literally hate them! Carl's Jr. had this jalapeno burger that I was addicted to! Then when I missed the first period I went back to hating them. It was the only time I craved anything while pregnant. Now just the smell of them makes me sick.
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