How to lose weight fast after having a baby

When you figure it out I'm sure others will want to know! No seriously, I think every woman will be different. I had a doctor make me feel like it's easy to lose weight after a baby because his wife always lost it fast. I've never been one to lose weight easliy. Since I was an overweight child and teen, I've had to work hard to lose weight and keep it off. I think the best way to lose weight is to do it slowly over time so it lasts and also to create new healthy eating habits and exercise. Fad diets are never the way to lose weight for the long haul.

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    Some initial weight will just fall off as you get up and back into a routine with errands and walks and parks, etc.. But to get that last 10-20, for me.. and many others.. you gotta work for it.. hard.. a brisk 20 minute walk is helpful, but to really get to your goal you have to sweat and work out 40 minutes.. 5 times a week.. And eat healthy.. no diets..

    Took me total about 6 months.. 2 months after birth I started slowly.. then 4 months after birth I was determined and lost 18 in two months.. It can be done..
      I jogged after the doctor released me to exercise . I jogged slow and took it easy. Eventually the weight came off. This isnt for everyone , but it did work. I even had a c section and it still came off. Dont give up and keep the faith. Try to find a friend or group of friends to work out with. Its better together. Your more likely to stay on track with a good support group backing you. I have been there. I understand how you all feel. I am trying to lose weight right now. Over 40 and had a hysterectomy makes it even harder to lose weight. If i can help in anyway,let me know ladies. I have been there.
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        I lost my baby weight. but still have the belly fat from it. now i'm just briskly walking on the treadmill every morning and then at night me and my daughter do t25. been doing good for a week. so can't wait for it to start showing that we are working out. my calves are toned but need the rest of it. its hard to know what to eat to help lost it and tone. I started eating the quest bars to help with the protein but they are kind of pricey to not know if they work or not.
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