Causes of behaviour problems in gifted children

I have heard that if gifted children are bored they can get themselves into mischief trying to entertain themselves.

I have also heard behaviour issues can stem from being bullied, not being understood or perhaps something is happening at home or in the child's life he or she cannot articulate into words his/her thoughts and feelings.

I'd talk to your child's teacher and together try to find out the best course of action to help your gift child.

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    All kids will be mischief at the beginning and as they grow older they'll be alright ,Theresa. Don't worry it's going to be alright
      Gifted children are more curious and mischievious than other children. Due to their brains have to have knowledge and learning at all times as much as possible while they are awake. They crave learning and knowledge. The teachers need to have a little more advance work for the smarter children and advanced activities to keep them out of trouble and interested. This is what my son,s school does for him and it works. No im not saying all the smarter children are mischievious
        This is great advice! Thanks!
          Melissa Middleton
          (I am not bragging). I have a high IQ, or so I was told, and would constantly do things that would get me in trouble because I became bored, easily. I took apart my mother's blender to see how it operated (don't worry, I put it back together), I took apart bicycles and scattered the pieces because regular jigsaw puzzles were boring--I needed something far more challenging. I have taken apart other appliances as well. I was put it GATE at school (Gifted and Talented Education at school) but refused to interact because I was in the 3rd grade and the other students were in the 6-8th grades. My mother gave me (as well as the teacher) more difficult mathematical equations and books for high school students. It challenged me; however, my mother did have to keep an extra eye on me so I would not take apart her appliances or my sister's bicycles (everything was put back together though). Eventually, she got me an erector set, more Legos, model car kits, a microscope and mason jars (I liked to study insects, arachnids, mullosks, and any other form of specimen I could locate). Needless to say, I did not have many friends, and I still find it difficult to make new friends.

          The problem with gifted children is also the fact they have difficulty socializing with their peers and making friends.
          As for me, as a child, I could talk to an adult much easier than I could a child my age. Many people see you as a "freak" or someone who boasts when, in fact, you are not. I was informed by a coworker once that if I am knowledgeable in an area or some areas, that I need to keep that information to myself because not everyone is like me and, those that aren't, find it offensive. So, I stay quiet. I have a bad habit of stating facts, even in cases of a joke. I take things literally as well. That is another issue with many gifted children. I was much like Spock in Star Trek (and still am).
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