Patty is over?

Ok, I'm dreaming of kids, I love my hubby and the only thing I want is family... But I love my friends, and having time with them.
So moms, when you have kids, is the patty over?

    Lol.. I was like, Who's Patty? Should I know her??

    BUT.. yes and no.. The party Is not over.. it just needs to be scheduled in now.. Set aside time for all that and you will be a better mom..

    It was really hard for me to make that time at first.. I was obsessed with being home.. I had to literally force myself to go out.. but once I did.... I always felt so much better when I got back.. I was able to give more and focus on my kids and felt less drained..

    So. the daily freedom of the party is over.. But I say a weekly Party is a must!
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