Can You draw?

All of my animals look like turtles. The faces look like they're melting.. BUT.. if I draw a turtle.. I draw a really cute turtle..

I can't draw.. at all.. Stick figures with weird creepy exorcist eyeballs..

I can draw excellent shapes.. 3 dimensional shapes and I do really great bubble letters..

My kids look at me when I draw with them and I show them like they feel sorry for me .. lol

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Born: Novato, California
Current: Sherman Oaks, California
Birth: May 28
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We live in Los Angeles, CA. I'm a writer, comedian, actor and single mom of two. Parenting is hard. I try to keep a sense of humor about it all and find the find the funny... in what is most likely NOT funny (i.e. boogers, meltdowns, homework, etc.).