Oxygen Mask On YOU first... The Metaphor for mom life..

That thing they say when you fly and they do their shpeal.. If in case the oxygen masks drop, put yours on first THEN your child...

It's because you're no good to them if you take care of them first and then pass out..

It's a metaphor for life.. The mom life.. If you give your kids everything of yourself.. and leave nothing left for you.. then you will be emptied... and unhappy and then THEY don't get the best you..

There's a balance to find.. and it's there.. The mom guilt is a strong pull and can make you not take care of yourself.. at all.. Sometimes it's as simple as working out every day.. or a monthly weekend get-a-way.. or daily hour to yourself to read, bathe, mediate, have a glass of wine.. whatever it is.. find it and use it and take it..

The guilt is strong, but if you can't do it for yourself then do it for THEM.. you're a better mom, person, wife, GF, friend,.. everything.. when you have something of your own...

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