Mama's Had an Amnio??

I had one with my second.. my daughter.. she had double markers for down syndrome in the 18 week ultrasound and test.. and that was my saying.. I would only get an amnio of something came up abnormal.. as I was 34.. right at the cusp..

So I did one... It didn't hurt at all.. a lot of pressure.. and the needle is HUGE and scary.. after you have to lay down for a whole day or two.. it can be very dangerous after if you don't..

But all went well and baby turned out healthy and "normal".

    With my fourth baby we had one of those fun gender reveal ultrasounds at 18 weeks gestation at a non medical place. As soon as the ultrasound started the tech detected a serious problem and told us to call our doctor.

    Since we are on vacation in another state we ended up in the ER. They discovered some serious problems and gave our baby less than a 5% chance to live. We went to a specialist the next day who did an amnio right away, I didn't even know it was going to happen so I had to time to stress out about it or freak myself out. We did the amnio so we could get an exact diagnosis and to know if there was any kind of treatment that could be done to save the baby.

    The amnio was more scary than it was painful. I was pretty surprised that the procedure itself didn't hurt much. I did have cramping for a day or two afterwards which was painful.

    The amnio gave us the information we needed.
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