Good gifts for new neighbors?

I love welcoming new people into the neighborhood, and, of course, love to be welcomed myself! It has been pretty great being in the military community where people are constantly coming and going because everybody usually introduces one another as long as someone takes the first step.

I think the best gifts depend on which side you're on.... the person who just moved in or the neighbor who was already there.

No matter which end you're on, I think food is always a great gift! A plate of cookies is a great way to introduce yourself and a casserole is such a stress-reliever when you're unpacking. Plus, if they have to return the casserole dish, that's a great time to chat when they aren't so frazzled!

Other than that, if you're the neighbor who was already around... The absolute best gift I think you can give is that of friendship. Let the new neighbor know if they need you for anything, you've got their back. If you have tools, let them know you can help them out with that aspect of those just-moving in repairs, especially if they're first time home-buyers. Something you have to offer that's not too huge, just let them know. Even if they never do, it's the thought that counts.

If you're the one moving in, just try to be gracious and courteous. Like I said, cookies don't hurt. Maybe offer to have your neighbor over for tea once you're unpacked. Maybe ask them if they have any tips for the area if they're not busy... People love to help.

If you both have kids, introduce them to each other if the situation seems comfortable.

As for other gifts... it can be tricky. I think it depends on where you're living and the local customs. Like, back home... I don't think a bottle of whiskey would be bad, or a jar of homemade apple butter. But, somewhere more... I donno, urban... or suburbian. I really don't know. Throw a barbecue to meet the neighbors?

I'm about to be a new neighbor, so any tips you ladies have are greatly appreciated. What's the best gift you've given and received as a new neighbor? Why? How far down the road do you consider your neighbor? We're going to be living in the boonies and I don't want to be weird.

I feel like you guys have done this more than I have, especially in the civillian world, so fill me in, please!

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I like that idea! That'll be especially easy if I have neighbors that are a little farther than shouting distance. Just drop them something neat in their box. :D
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    These sound like great ideas... sometimes I leave fresh produce or flowers for neighbors from my garden!
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