I Did Not Keep My Maiden Name

I took Trevor's last name, Hall, over my maiden name of Laughlin, when we married. It felt right, to me. My mom wanted me to combine the names, but it felt...silly to me. Laughlin didn't feel like mine anymore. My own mom had dropped the name in favor of my step dad's when she married him. It was just my brother, myself, and our dad who had the name, and my dad had recently found out he was adopted and what his real last name would have been, and he kept going on and on about it. "Laughlin" felt fake to me by then. "Hall" symbolized the start of a new family, to me. A clean break and a fresh start. It was also traditional, and I'd thought it silly to be Morgan Laughlin-Hall, or to ask Trevor to take my last name. I've not regretted it.

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    Thank you for sharing... I too took my husbands name!
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