Things NOT TO Say To Mom!

Were you a smart-mouth as a kid? I know we certainly were! Oh the hell we gave our Mom when she tried to exert any authority after letting us run rampant! Some of the more common ones were...

Mom: "Go to your room!"

Mom: "Not one more word."
Me/Ben: "........................................looooooove you."
Mom: "GO to your room, now!"
Me/Ben: "Already was!"

Mom: "Don't you back-talk me!"
Me/Ben: "I'm not talking to your back!"

Mom: "Don't be a smartass."
Me/Ben: "Better than a dumbass."

Mom: "You're grounded. Go to your room and give me your gameboy."
Me/Ben: "MOM! Come get this!"
Mom: "Get what?"
Me/Ben: "My gameboy!"
Mom: "Come give it to me!"
Me/Ben: "But you told me to stay in my room!"

I know I certainly won't tolerate any of that, but then, I'll be more of an authority figure than my own mom was! We didn't get any real discipline until my step-dad came into the picture and spanked us with his heavy police uniform belt...we never sassed him, but we still got mom every once in a while.

    This is great!
      I'll admit, I flaunted authority figures quite a bit as a teen. I wasn't a bad kid but I also thought adults were my peers after a certain point and trying to be authoritative with me just was NOT going to work.

      Now I have a teen. I don't allow her to get away with nearly as much as I did. That said, I treat her as an almost adult, not like a little kid. She responds well to this and I think she's more respectful because of it.
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