A Single Rose

I think the most Romantic thing Trevor has ever done was during the end of the school year of our Sophomore year. We weren't dating yet, and he was still new in his friendship to me, by a couple months. I had taken to writing poems, and one I wrote that I was particularly proud of, I let him read. There was a line in there about a single rose, I don't remember what it was...my mom still has that poem on her computer. I may ask her to e-mail it to me, lol! But a few days later, at our usual meet up at the school library during lunch (I liked to hide there), he told me to close my eyes and hold out my hand. When I was allowed to look again, I saw he had placed a rose in my hand. It had a short, trimmed stem, with a couple thorns. It was a beautiful, deep red color. He said he had really, really liked my poem, and that he really, really liked me. I kept that rose for months, until it finally started to smell truly awful and fall apart...I wish I had thought to press it.

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