rape-y and asperger-y

Does anyone else find these cutesy words to describe very serious things annoying?

When that Robin Thicke song "Blurred Lines" came out several people called it "rape-y" because of the lyrics. Lots of people found that to be a bad way to describe something and I read more than one debate about it.

The other night I was reading a blog and the writer called someone "asperger-y". Now honestly I don't usually get my panties in a bunch over things like that, I just roll my eyes and move on. However, when I was reading the comments there was a bit of a debate about the term being offensive. Some people just didn't understand WHY it was offensive.

So, what are your thoughts?

    I have written a lot and most of it humor and have taken online verbal beatings. Mercilessly. When what I was writing was to be light hearted and funny and not to be taken as offensive.
    But you can't please everyone. And I'm not Akways appropriate but I'm never hurtful or disrespectful. But so many didn't like my humor or took it wrong. I couldn't help that.

    In this case. I actually think these terms depending on how they're used are vet descriptive. Within the context. Blurred lines never bothered me. I loved it. The words sure.. We're rape-y... Meaning if taken wrong then it could be offensive as though he's forcing her. In the song. I didn't take it too deep.
    As for aspergery ... I don't know that I personally would use this and again it depends uf they use it to describe someone in a bad way?
    But I actually totally get when someone is aspergery. When they have quirks or behaviors about them that I've seen in my friends or friends kids that do have aspergers.
    But I'm not easily offended. And humor comes from tough things and as a writer so many times I wish people would lighten up and find the funny in everything. Even the really serious things.
    I'm a very serious kind person. But I have to find my humor in even the serious things or ill crumble.
    My best friend has stage 4 cancer. She's dying. And I sent her an ecard that said "laughter is the best medicine. Unless you have cancer"

    We laughed our butts off. That's a serious thing but u gotta laugh. Not everyone would find that funny. But the friends I have that struggled w serious things. With their kids or themselves. Those are the best people I know.
    We had a bye bye booby party for my friend w breast cancer. It was sad and devastating. And probably one of the best times of my life. And when I talk to her and she's feeling down she will te me she's feeling cancer y. Swear.
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