Toddler falling down the stairs

I had my daughter fall off our first stair when she was first learning to walk, and later she fell down about 10 of our 12 stairs when she was a bit older.

When she fell off the first stair, she fell flat on her face and bloodied her nose--definitely hit her head.

When she fell down the stairs, she most likely slid on her belly--she had snuck away, so I didn't see it actually happen, but rather heard the booms and cries (my husband was supposed to be watching her, but that's a whole different post).

In both cases, we called the doctor, and in neither case were we instructed to go to the hospital or come in for a visit. I think the fall would have to be very bad or cause serious injury, like a concussion or broken limb, to require a hospital visit. Most of the time, although it's very scary and most likely painful, tumbles down the stairs just require comforting.

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    My aunt used to work in a big Macy's, and she had more than one horror story about escalators and children. I'm still a little nervous of them to this day.
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