I did it. Very proud of myself. I didnt give in

So tonight i wanted to let kids stay up and watch a easter movie. But logan was acting really naughty. Hr threw his food every where cuz he coudlnt eat easter candy for dinner. He stole a drink of my water that i had sitting up on a counter. I told him to leave my phone alone 3 times and if he were to touch it again he was going to bed. Well he tested me and touched it. So i walked him in the bathroom and told him to undress for shower. He threw a fit and refused so i dumped cold water bit by bit on him until he undressed. Then he tried to storm out naked but i picked him up and put him in shower. After cleaning him he tried to take a run out naked and he refused to get dressed. So i got him dressed, brushed his teeth and tucked him in and said good night.
He got out of bed and threw his comfort item 3 times. So i went up there and told him if he got out of bed again and throw bee on the floor i would take bee away. Well he threw it on the floor and got out of bed. So went back in, put him back in bed, and took bee out and told him when he calms down he can have jt back. Well i went back down to bathe vince and feed him. As i was feeding vince i heard no more melt downs coming from logans room. Went back up after i laid vince down and logan calmed down and was about to fall asleep. I handed him his bee back and said good night, and told him he was going to bed early cuz he was having bad behavior.

So haiden and i watched a movie.

    I always open threat them constantly. And they dont think i would do it. As they caught on to that. So i need to not open threat them and if i say bed early i should do it.
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