Question to all the Ladies:

So my ex the father of our unborn daughter message me on a social network apologizing for how he treated me and said he will do better which his promise means nothing cause he talks a lot without doing anyways we talk on the phone a lil he apologized again for how he treated me and ask how the baby is doing which he rarely ask so he says he wanted to see me now and I said no I'm with family,he ask about seeing me this weekend im saying maybe Friday I have no idea what to do or his attentions I need some insight a little.

    Nothing tells us about the future more than the past. This is your decision alone and you shouldn't let anyone sway you. But I can understand why you'd need some advice. If the reason he's an ex is for anything abusive. NO. NO NO NO. But if things just maybe freaked him out a little with the baby coming and things went South.. then you should talk to him. Regardless of what happens between the two of you, your baby is still entitled to know her father (unless there's an abuse issue).
      Meeting him would not hurt... just talk to him...communication is key to any familial relationship. If he has a history of violence with you maybe bring someone else along just in case
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