Could my baby be a model: how to know if it is right for my child?

Before you pursue modeling for your child, ask yourself whether they're comfortable around a lot of other children and adults. Is he/she generally outgoing? Can they pay attention for long periods of time? If the answer is yes, then your child might have the right personality for modeling.
It takes a lot more than a pretty face to make a good model. Temperament and personality are just as key to a child's success.
Does your child want to be a model, or do you want your child to be a model? Most babies will let you know whether they're comfortable around strangers and enjoy the attention, but it can be harder to tell with an older child. Some kids say they're interested in modeling just to please their parents.

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    Maybe if she wanted to pursue it, I got into modeling when I was young, but it was tough with money being tight and traveling too.
      The only other thing you have to remember is that you are on call at the will of the agency... if you have a gig in the city at 6 AM then you have to be there like at 5:30 Am and probably stay all day... It can mean very long hours and a lot of driving! But if you are up to it go for it!
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