I just have to say...


A few know a bit of my story, but for those who don't...

I was married once before. He had a vasectomy before we met and got it undone 2 years into our relationship. We tried for years to have a child. He was fine so I assumed there was something wrong with me. I never saw a doctor about it, I just didn't want to hear it. So I resigned myself to a life without children. I crashed hard with that at first... really hard. Then.. I just became okay with it and stayed away from children. I didn't want to see them, hear them, hear about them... and that worked just fine, on the outside. I was born the only girl and the youngest of 3 in an Italian Roman Catholic household. If I couldn't be a mother, there was really no reason to exist. I got really involved with my work. I got 3 more dogs. I got chickens. I got a horse. I got as much as I could to keep my mind off of it.

Fast forward.. I left my ex husband and left town, everything and everyone that I knew was left behind. I got my dream job in a town halfway across the state. I had my own apartment, my career, and a guinea pig. I focused ALL OF ME on my job. I was my job. And I loved it.... then I met Ed. He lived 2 hours away and that was good for me. I couldn't rush this. I was forced to take it slow. We met in February, super bowl weekend.. which didn't matter because my Bronco's lost the playoffs *ugh*. In April he invited me to Vegas, and what happened there obviously followed us home, has his own room, the cutest smile you will ever see, and all of my heart.

If someone told me that I would be a site hostess on a moms website... me? HAH! Moms are stuck up, emotional blobs that need to go to a different island... or so I thought. And kids? Not only would I be part of a community of, but enjoy talking and hearing about kids? Kids are gross. They never have clean noses, messy hair that drives me up a wall and I don't understand a word they're saying. Here's some candy kid, go away.

... I did NOT intend on bawling at the end of my shift. Thank you to all of you wonderful beautiful moms who do this every single day.. all day. All night.. who get up out of bed when you hear your babies turn over in their sleep from down the hall. Who still check on them at night, just in case. Who wear 2 sizes bigger and just don't care, spit up on your shirt and a smile on your face.

Happy Easter to all of you beautiful women I am so proud to call my friends.

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