I could really use some advice on DH

I don't want to sound like I'm bashing my Dh, but I really need to know if I'm going crazy here or if I'm the one who's in the wrong.
I'm at SAHM living in South Korea right now. DH works 12 hours days, comes home plays with dd for maybe 15-30 minutes while I get dinner ready. I then feed daughter, play with her, give her a bath and put her to bed. I then have to go and clean up the dishes and toys that are still out (in my dh defense maybe about once a week he will clean up the dishes) During the time I'm taking care of dd, dh is either watching tv or playing on his tablet. He says he needs to unwind from work. The thing is, he doesn't help out with dd on his days off either. He goes golfing or goes to a driving range on Saturdays AND Sundays. He's furious with me right now because he keeps bringing up having another baby and I flat out told him NO. This time next year he will be on a rotational schedule and will be gone for 28 days at a time. I will be living with my mom while he's rotating. I told him this is not the right time for us to be having another baby and he started listing all these other woman who have 2 or more children. He now isn't speaking to me and left once again to go play golf. Please ladies am I wrong? Please be brutally honest with me. If I'm wrong, I need to hear it!

    I think that in order to have another child you should be on the same communication and thinking wavelength. You defintitely need to communicate with him and let him know how you feel and why you feel that way!
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