What you'd normally find me doing at home

Lately, you'd find me running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to take care of everything for moving all the while tripping over boxes, lol.

It has been one seriously hectic week. There was a delay in my husband checking out of the military... So all that noise about the military coming to move our stuff got replaced with me finding a moving company that will come on a few day's notice. Luckily I did, so we've been toting all our stuff to the garage, booking hotels, doing all that fun noise that comes with a long move.

On a normal day that goes off without a hitch though, there's usually some method to my madness and you'll normally find me working on something.

When I wake up, I like to make a cup of tea... Rooibos has been my obsession lately... and write "morning pages" which I highly recommend to everyone.

Some author started the trend and it's basically three longhand stream of consciousness pages written shortly after waking. It may seem silly, but it is SO helpful. It is for my mind what a morning shower is for my body. It usually takes about 15 minutes.

Then I clean up the house a bit, take a shower, and review my to-do lists for the day.

Then I check my emails and add any urgent to dos to my list and respond as needed.

Usually work involves doing some networking with authors, a little website marketing, editing a book for a while, reading my current book for review, and writing usually between 1500-5000 words of content. I also do whatever work I need to on Moms.com. Also doing any website or graphics design needed for myself or others.

I like to use the Pomodoro technique, so I work for 25 minutes (longer if I get sucked into it) without switching tasks,, take a five minute break, 25, 5, 25, 10-15 minute break, start over. Sometimes I replace the 25 minute segments with 40 minutes. This goes for cleaning, editing, just about everything except emails which I try to stay on top of throughout the day during my breaks.

I work through most everything including lunch and baths (I just put my device in a ziploc bag)

I usually talk to my parents for 30 min or an hour four or give days a week in the afternoon on the phone since I live so far away.

I do tend to take an hour or two to cook a yummy dinner and watch a show with my husband on Netflix while we eat.

Once I get settled in my new house, I'm going to make sure to add in time for art. I love to write, crochet, and paint so I want to make sure I give myself that time to refresh. Oh, and also meditate longer and more frequently. I tend to work much more productively when I take time for meditation.

So... In short, I spend most of every day with words (writing, editing, or reading) and I'm so blessed for that. I love all of those things so even if my days are often quite long and busy... I still enjoy my days a lot. :)

What about you? What would I normally find you doing at home?

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    For me it depends on the time of say... I am very active in the Am and late afternoon...but since i work in the EARLY am I usually sleep in the late morning early afternoon!
      I will have to try the Pomodoro technique. My routine day to day is waking up around 5ish and helping my fiancé get ready for the day - I make his coffee, mix up a vitamin drink and fix his work lunch and snacks. Since he's been out due to a virus he caught at work, I've been enjoying sleeping in and cuddling next to him until mid morning when we both get up. I've been focusing on my employment stuff - updating my resumes and reading up on new trends for resumes, cover letters, requests for informational interviewing.

      We house share, and I find myself doing a lot of household chores to break up my day. I've been napping, facebooking, taking walks, reading, emailing, researching subjects I'm interested in - all in no particular order.

      I want to take up sewing so I can learn how to make curtains for my bedroom and for the conversion van. I also want to get into some groups where I can socialize with other women with same interests, values and goals.
        I am an older parent. My son is 18 years old now so i dont have as much to do. He is a great son and helps out when he is here. I am looking for a job right now and planning my son,s high school graduation party. Normal day for me is up at 4:30am and get my hubby,s lunch made and then the dog taken out and fed. Then breakfast fir all of us. Then take my son to bus stop. My husband drops me off at my Dads house and he goes to work. I take care of my dad and his house due to him being elderly and needing the help. Five days a week at his house. Then in the evenings come home and make dinner any chores that ned to be done. Weekends i do chores and errands.
        Hi Kaye, I know you said you are looking for a job...sounds like you are kept busy with tending 2 households - yours and your dad's. A friend of mine mentioned a while ago that her aunt was getting paid by the state to care for her grandmother (daughter taking care of mom). Just a thought - if you are looking for a job to make money and aren't receiving any income from the respite help you provide for your Dad, maybe worth looking into to see if that's a possibility. Also, how does someone manage taking care of 2 households plus another job on top of that? I guess everyone in each household pitches in whenever and whatever they can...
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