What I wear on an average day

It depends on what I'm doing what I wear on an average day, but not much.

I have a closet of clothes (I'm not the best with getting rid of stuff, lol) but still usually wear the same stuff over and over.

Most days I wear
Yoga pants
Those velour-ish sweatpants that I donno what are called
Stretchy yoga shorts with the fold down waist band ( by the way... Is that what makes something 'yoga' or is it the stretchy fabric? I've never known lol)
A T-shirt
A tank top.
A stretchy sweater... I have one I bought with my mother when she was in California that says "stay weird" which I adore. It's super thin and breathable and just perfect for my daily activities.

Most days I do not leave the house whatsoever and I can not STAND feeling restricted... So stretchy and breathable is a must for me. Plus I get all antsy if I sit in my chair all day so I work in some seriously weird positions that would not be possible in normal clothes haha.

A couple days a week at least I try to put on more presentable clothes by the time hubby comes home, or in the morning if I need a boost of confidence or motivation for the day.

If I just go out to the grocery store or somewhere similar, I add two things.
Flip flops. When mine finally wore down to the point they got a hole in the bottom, I snagged a pair of Sanuks I had my eye one for a few years... I LOVE them. They have yoga mat material for the foot and are so so comfy.
A bra. Lol. I do not like bras and let's face it, I don't need any 'support' I try to keep my inner hippie to myself in public though so I do put one on if I leave the house.

I usually where my hair in a messy bun, and my ears are stretched so that jewelry always stays in.

I do my makeup a few days a week but otherwise it's just ChapStick.

I'll doll myself up if hubby and I go out, but this is my average everyday wear.

What about you ladies? What do your normally wear?

Moms Expertise
    Pants and a shirt! LOL! I also love my flip flops ! I will wear them until I cannot wear them any more...meaning the weather gets too cold!
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