Favorite Hair Products

To be honest, most days I don't put anything in my hair at all. I'm a hippie at heart haha.

I do like to use hair treatments though. Some stuff I love...
Mayonaisse. Yeah, yuck... But oh my gosh it works so well. The smell goes away when you wash it out. Easy as pie... Grab the jar, scoop some out, spread on hair, wait. Nothing to it. I think its the eggs in it, but it works to make my hair shiny and full of volume when I remember to do it.
Coconut oil- put on head, wrap in plastic wrap and blow dry if you want, or just wait... Wash it out and voila. Like a hot oil treatment from Sally's but cheaper and yummier smelling. Might as well spread some on your lips while your at it.
Vinegar rinse- love love love this one. As long as you keep rinsing until it's out, it doesn't leave a smell. After you're finished washing and conditioning, flip the shower to cool water, and poor diluted vinegar down your hair. (Don't get it in your eyes. Trust me. I know from experience...OWWW) keep rinsing in cool water til all the vinegar is gone. It closes and smoothed the hair follicle and will make your hair CRAZY shiny.

As for other stuff I like... Out of all the shampoos I've used, V05 still works the best. Yeah... Those 88cent bottles have magic in them. I have to use way more than I would with more expensive shampoos but it's okay because it's do cheap. Doubles as bubble bath. And the strawberry scent smells delicious and really lasts.

I like to squirt some conditioner in a bottle and add distilled water for a detangler/flyaway tamer/ leave in conditioner.

I also use a detangler comb in my hair in the shower while the conditioner is in. I read that using a brush in your hair while it's wet stretches your hair and leads to breakage and split ends so I stopped that.

Otherwise... Mousse and hairspray if I'm getting dolled up, but not usually.

One exception is Got2b Smooth. Stuff is great, but I've been out for like a year lol.

And for super short hair, Got2b Glued is seriously like hair Elmer's glue. It'll hold anything. Like a Mohawk.

What do you ladies use?
Have you found any products that help style your hair but don't damage it as much as alcohol based stuff?

Fill me in! :):)

Moms Expertise
    I love tigi catwalk and tigi curlesque products for curly hair. My hair is not unruly curly but has a nice curl and wave to it... I love these products because they help save the curl without weighing it down and is not cruchy or gooey when applied to the hair!
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      I think as long as you use a wide tooth comb it's okay, just not a hairbrush. Maybe it's just going through so many bristles that messes it up? I comb mine with a detangler comb in the shower when the conditioner is in, and that works for me a lot better than trying to get a big brush through it when I get out.
        All really great ideas. I will have to try the mayo & vinegar alternatives. After 30, I noticed my hair was thinning so I've cut way back on the frequency of washing my hair. I wash it 2-3x/wk and use Argan Oil (Moroccan oil) on the ends while it's still damp. I use tiny droplets and massage through my hair just the bottom 1/8 and the bottoms of my bangs. Works really well before I curl my hair. The oil helps my hair retain the curl without having to use hairspray or mousse afterwards, which gives my hair that crispy look. I have coarse Islander hair.
          see Scientific Essential conditioner and products and you wont ever change. Had many hair issues but this is my savior for hair and kids use it too with their long hair! its Physician made by this hair expert doc
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