So Nervous Ladies!

I'm so nervous about this pregnancy (that's part of the reason I took it off my kid counter thing on here). By LMP I'm due Dec 11, so I'm about 6 weeks 3 days. I'm a bit freaked out because I'm not having a lot of symptoms. I don't really feel "pregnant", just kinda tired and sometimes sick to my stomach. That's about it. I feel like with my other kids the morning sickness was "in your face", and there was no denying that I was pregnant. I talked to my dr. about it, and he said it could be that I'm not as far along as I think I am, which would mean I found out I was pregnant at the most at 3 weeks. I'm just nervous, but trying to stay positive.

MariaRichland, Michigan
    Thanks, ladies! I've had some light brown cm today, so I'm keeping an eye out. I'm sure it's from the pap on Thurs and dtd on Friday. I had it with my 2nd son till 12 weeks.
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