Mother in law is nuts!!!

So history on her. She has mental issues, and awayls nervous and anxuous and on meds. She is also ocd as well.
Visits to her house is just weird and never goes well including her telling kids step over plants or if u use the bathroom u cant wash ur hands.
She inisits to call numerous times a day every 5mins if u dont answer. She even puts on a crying ac or have a panic attack.

Well today my husband called her and talked witg her for 40mins. After they hung up she called him again and a again at least 3 times. And since he didnt answer she called me twice using her crying and panic attack method. Of course i couldnt answer cuz i was busy keeping vinc happy while my husband bathed the other kids.
Well just as the other kids were done ans chilling on the couch, i put vince in bath. I was washing him and i heard our dog and the kids goofing around and a faint voice saying hello. Well she came
In and i finished bath with vince and my husband talked with her. As they were talkig she drove the 25mins to our house after she took her pills and sleeping pills. My kids picked up on it, so after i finished feeding vince i put him to bed, and then took haiden and logan upstairs ans said will be back.
When we asked her why she was here she said ur mom(my mom) pops in at any time. We said ya on weekends durif thr day not at night and if it is af night its cuz she is watching them.
So she stayed for an hr and did her crying act and all this other stuff. And she left in the dark after her sleeping meds and stuff already kicked in.

So now we need to worry if she will make it home safe.

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    Yes she has been, but not this bad of driving with medications in her system and when kids go to bed.
      She got home safe
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